Burning Buttons
redesign of full cycle development outsource company
Burning Buttons has been an incumbent player in the IT market for 10 years. They work both with Start-Ups and advanced businesses sharing our expertise in such sectors as Travel, Booking, Non-profit organizations, and B2G
Burning Buttons

Product Manager, Product Designer

Full-stack developers, Analysts, Project & Sales Managers
There were several challenges: no individuality in visual design, no guideline, the nature of the business was absolutely not clear, the branding didn’t represent the goals and values of the company, struggles to create every new picture for different events.
To create a visual language for the company, which helped in promoting the company in the IT outsourcing market, as well as help in attracting new employees to the company.
Sales: redesign of the company helped to increase the incoming flow of customers by 35%. Customers liked the new design and there were more projects in UI/UX service, which made it possible to make up-sales in other services.
HR brand: conversion rate of attracting students to internships increased by 4 times, there was an incoming stream of candidates for vacancies who learned about us on social networks and also thanks to the merchandise that we distributed at events.
The color and font combinations don't matter for the client. The main purpose of the corporate style is to represent the company as a brand. Since the external representation of the company is also important for the employees. It should be attractive. So I came up with several principles for the corporate identity:
Mood, Inspiration & References
New Logo
The new logo does not radically differ from the old one because my goal was to refresh it, but not to change. I had several reasons for keeping the old logo, one of them was a wish of the boss. The logo has become more modern, rigorous and playful at the same time (thanks to the font). The font used is called Elektra, its mood is clearly seen in the pattern. I made three versions of the logo to use it in different situations.
I extended our color palette, because the previous one was quite boring. The company used to have the main color and two additional ones: black and white. I wanted to add brightness, juiciness, freshness and modernity to a palette.
Previous designers didn’t provide any info on the font, which was used as a part of corporate identity. So I chose an interesting font that reflects the spirit of the company best and can be written in different ways.
The idea of the pattern is very simple — it is a code and keyboard.
The main problem of the previous mascot was its heavy customization. That means that I could not change it fast, so I came up with a decision to make a circle and work only with a face but not with a whole bear. Current mascot is more unique and usable, since it's relatively easy to customize it. Previous one was more brutal but the current one is friendlier and looks like a nice guy who invites you to interact with him (e.g. to work both as a client and employee). I was inspired by a previous mascot, a bear of Rilakkuma (Japanese brand), and by the logo itself.
Initially I just wanted to make the life of our SMM manager easier. I wanted to create a set of different templates for socials a which would match each other and could be easily combined. But it turned out
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