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Burning Buttons has been an incumbent player in the IT market for 10 years. They work both with Start-Ups and advanced businesses sharing our expertise in such sectors as Travel, Booking, Non-profit organizations, and B2G
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A trip to the Web Summit in 2018 showed the pain points in the elevator pitch, and also helped to learn the classifications of startups that need help from small outsource agencies.
Think over the provision of services in a batch way suitable for each classification of startups: pre-pitch, alpha, beta, and growth. Prepare a presentation for Web Summit 2019, a complete document describing the package, roadmap, timing, and approximate type of work.
Presentations and documents were able to attract more attention to the company at the Web Summit 2019. Packages increased the number of leads from startups by 16%.
Overall Description of Clients
Specific Description of Clients: startups, products, agencies
Customer Analysis
An important aspect when drawing up package proposals was to understand who our customers are and describe in more detail about each of them. Three main directions of sales were identified: startups (alpha, beta, and growth), products (stable in the market), and agencies (hiring for contracts). After that, it was already clear with which clients we would work. It was important for startups to demonstrate that the concept was well-thought-out.

Some parts of the images are blurred in terms of NDA and Security stuff.
After the identified evaluation criteria, the next step was to create an approximate roadmap: when a certain specialist starts, how much time spends, and what budget is laid for a specialist. It will cover all the questions from customers about what they will receive by the end of the first week or other ones.
In the process of preparing the documents, it turned out that there is another type of startup when there is absolutely nothing but an idea and the customer needs to pitch this idea. This is how another type of pre-pitch package appeared.
After drawing up tables and roadmaps, it was necessary to paint detailed information for each of the four packages: basic information about the work process and technical points, about the package itself (team composition, practical result), a description of the team's roles (so that there are no questions left for what this or that team members), roadmap (timeframes and prices), security information (NDA), project support and maintenance, contacts.
Design Stages & User Flow
Design Concept Presentation
For some startups, examples of documentation and design layouts were presented.
Landing Page
Landing page & Presentation
Additionally, we created landing page and presentation that helped sales managers during the Web Summit 2019.