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Burning Buttons has been an incumbent player in the IT market for 10 years. They work both with Start-Ups and advanced businesses sharing our expertise in such sectors as Travel, Booking, Non-profit organizations, and B2G
Burning Buttons

Product Manager, Product Designer

Junior Designers,
Full-stack Developer, Project & Sales Managers
During the expansion of the company, there was a problem with the employees' workload. The downtime began to appear, affecting both employee morale and the company’s financial stability. Also, one of the problems was the increased percentage of competition.
Mature and develop several additional ways to increase sales of services to help sales managers.
The evaluation of a good visual communication design is mainly based on measuring comprehension by the audience, not on personal aesthetic and/or artistic preference as there are no universally agreed-upon principles of beauty and ugliness.
It was decided to make this project from simple to complex:
  • develop presentations that will help sales managers at the stage of "cold sales"
  • study the main page of the site and make adjustments to the structure, design, and texts
  • create additional landing pages about development services
Some parts of the images are blurred in terms of NDA and Security stuff.
PHP Presentation
RUBY Presentation
Overall Company & Projects Presentation
Company Presentation
Final Proposal Presentation
To begin with, it was decided to take ready-made documents in the areas of development and make changes to them in terms of project representation (Ruby and PHP). Then we created a general presentation about the company, which allowed us to tell the full story about the creation and development. The last presentation was created for the final sale, where the managers themselves filled it with information about the stages, deadlines, and budgets (the final proposal).
Redesign of the main page
In order to make changes to the site, it was necessary to do the following: study the visual component (the number of elements, fonts, colours, block sizes), analyse the structure (the number of blocks, their relationship with each other, the informativeness of the texts), quantitative metrics (the depth of site browsing, the number of views and the amount of time spent on the home page), as well as several surveys of current customers about company’s attracting parties.
After the data was collected, a complete redesign was made, with A / B testing, where the updated design of the main page won by a margin of 27%. The logic of the blocks has become clearer, the number of blocks has decreased, added USP’s, services explain what kind of work will take place, users immediately see "live" customers.
PHP landing page
Development on PHP was one of the important areas that should have been promoted as an additional method — the landing page. It was developed the entire structure of the landing page with the help of PHP lead developer, project & sales managers. To implement the landing page, several technical assignments were prepared for the following specialists: designer, copywriter, developers and SEO.
Additionally, I provided lectures for project and sales managers on what design is, who is a designer and how to work with a designer, as well as basic terminology that can be useful in work. Made a list of standardized questions to customers for evaluating a project during the first negotiations, as well as a list of "eye-catching" phrases for composing a cover letter. I have also prepared a list with links to projects depending on the type of project: mobile interfaces, dashboards, landing pages, content sites, and general portfolio.