My Neilson
the post-booking service for managing your reservations and getting additional information about the resort
Neilson is a travel agency with its own boutique hotels. The main goal of Neilson is having active holidays. Therefore, Neilson is such a unique product on the UK market. The company provides special packages for summer and winter holidays. The main activities for summer are windsurfing, tennis, kayaking and wakeboarding. For winter these are skiing and snowboarding.
Neilson Active Holidays

Product Designer

Full-stack developers, Analyst, QA specialists, Project Managers
The main task of the project was to understand what the users want from this part of the large project. The Neilson team wanted a service that will contain only PDF files and it would be enough for people. But in fact, the picture would not have changed in any way since at that time users were getting all these PDFs by emails.
We made a service that allows you not to download any files, but to be able to learn everything from the site like your booking including flights and hotel information, previous bookings, payment system, adding extras and many other features.
More than 70% of Neilson customers proceeded to interact with My Neilson service that helped offline offices and call centre to reduce the influx of clients. Also, reduced the number of emails by 40%. Users became more independent when they need to know more about their bookings by using My Neilson service.
At the beginning, I started from the main page — dashboard. I realized what would be important for the users and which things would not be relevant. I have changed this page several times because we wanted to make sure that there would be enough information, but we did not want to overload the screen with a lot of data.
The next step was to create another pages. About 4−5 large prototypes were made to understand the interface, as well as to conduct small usability tests within teams. I often had to persuade customers and discourage them from unsafe or difficult decisions.
Payment system is always available
You have an opportunity to monitor your expenses and receive notifications of payment terms.
Find out more about the hotel
All the extra facilities of the resort (sport, spa & food) will be displayed for you on the website, so you won’t spend time on downloading the pdf files.
Notifications won't disturb you anymore
Now you won't receive a huge number of e-mails with different types of notifications, everything will be displayed in your personal account.
Weather forecast
The latest weather reports will always be available on the website. You can check precipitation as well as the average weather at a particular time of the year.
You can control your choice inside the service. Change your preferences whenever you need it.
Add your favourite holidays to the shortlist to compare the prices and different features of resorts.
Full responsive
Switch easily between your computer, smartphone and tablet and manage your bookings online.