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online tours store is a tour aggregator. The service allows you to find and book online tours from all verified tour operators. Users select the search parameters and receive a list of hotels, and then a list of rooms and tour operators that provide these tours.

Product Designer

Product Manager, iOS
& Android Developers, QA Engineers
As time went on, we got more and more complaints about the app in terms of design. In general, the team itself was ready to redesign the entire application, but since this could take more time, we decided to change apps step by step.
The main search screen and the results page should be changed to improve both the user experience and the visual language.
After users received updates on the home page, we received a lot of positive feedback from them, that we made the application more convenient and understandable.
In order to understand in what direction to strive in design changes, I did a lot of research on the application market, as well as concepts. I have reviewed over 15 apps and over 50 travel-related concepts. This helped me understand what users are most used to. What kind of fields are most often used, what mechanics and animations are used by developers of other applications, whether they correctly inform users about the actions they have taken.
Therefore, this concept appeared, which is presented above in comparison with the old application design. The application now looks more modern and laconic. Above, a slider appeared with banners that allow you to inform about promotions, tour draws, and the tourist market. There are also additional search parameters. And of course, the visual language of the application has changed.
Search parameters
Now search parameters are not on a separate page but inside the pop-up. This change gave the user a better understanding that they are currently on a specific page where they are making changes to the parameters.
Pop-up navigation
The main achievement of the whole team was the implementation of navigation inside pop-ups, as from a technical point of view, this is a difficult decision. We wanted to achieve a smooth transition between changing parameters, for example, as with the choice of country and resort. Luckily the developers of mobile applications have made it possible.
One of the major changes was the redesign of the calendar. Since in the previous version it was difficult to count information by day, how to select ± 3 days (users simply didn’t notice this button), users didn’t use tabs and low-cost search. Now it’s easier for users to manage the calendar.
Search history
The page with the search history has also changed: the card has become larger, thereby more information inside the card has begun to fit in, and users don’t have to concentrate on many options at once on a small screen, but select the desired search option.
Search results
The redesign of the page with search results in mobile applications has been simplified with a ready-made redesign of the desktop version. Since the requests to change the search results on the mobile version of the page and the desktop version were identical. The hotel card is changed based on the amount of information located on it. Yes, the card is less standardized in size, nevertheless, when scrolling, users will hardly notice this, but more and more information will be covered for users at this stage. These improvements will allow the user to more accurately make a decision about a particular hotel, thereby they spend less time on making a decision and buying a tour.
The design changes also affected filters pop-up. The development of the main screen has already made it possible to reuse the visual language and the pattern of interaction with filters. One of the main tasks was to change icons for each type of filter and redistribute filters. For example, the filter "High probability of confirmation" appeared at the beginning of the list with filters, since it doesn’t fit any category, and filters related to the beach (the type of beach, distance to the sea, hotel’s own beach) were combined.